Financial Platforms that make cents

Deliver personalized loan offers, automate workflow, increase pull-through, and book more loans.

Omni-channel Loan Delivery Engine

Fast and easy web site creation, deployment, and management

Lending Campaign Control Center

Centralized control of product offers and marketing campaigns

Next Generation Loan Origination

Advanced features to increase pull-through and book more loans

MicroWorks: OmniChannel Loan Delivery Engine

An integrated Microsite framework to maximize revenue opportunities.

Entech created the MicroWorks platform to provide the Continuous Engagement tools lenders need to better segment and target their loan products, speed time to market, and increase pull-through of loan applicants. Working with lenders around the globe, over and over we saw marketing departments stopped dead in their tracks because microsites for lending campaigns couldn’t get built in time or lacked the required tools to pull customers through the loan cycle.

  • Increase loan conversion rates through laser focused customer microsites.
  • Integrate, automate, and manage a large number of microsites.
  • Tools, templates, calculators, and wizards to increase pull-through.

MicroWorks is designed specifically for lenders to deliver cross-channel marketing campaigns that continuously engage customers from loan offer through loan approval.

ProductWorks: Lending Campaign Control Center

A centralized platform for defining and managing loan product marketing campaigns.

Lenders want to personalize loan offers to meet specific market needs and continuously engage customers. The challenge is with hundreds of loan offers and marketing campaigns, maintenance can become a nightmare. ProductWorks lets you define loan product offers, specify go-to-market campaigns and then manage it all from a central dashboard. When you want to see how a product offer or marketing campaign relates to loan conversions, ProductWorks provides you the data and analytic tools you need.

  • Increase loan sales through personalized loan offers.
  • Efficiently manage changes across web pages and microsites.
  • Make better business decisions using ProductWorks tools and analytics.

ProductWorks delivers centralized controls for monitoring and managing the entire loan marketing campaign life cycle.

AppWorks: Lending Platform For Continuous Engagement

The End-to-End Loan Origination Hub for the Modern Era

Lenders today need to appeal to consumers that grew up in the digital era and want to process loans as quickly as sending text messages or posting to Facebook. But, while speed and convenience is important, it’s not the only thing that matters. AppWorks is an end-to-end loan origination platform. Expertly designed to speed up the lending process, it also has vitally important features like scalability, document controls, fraud detection, risk management, disclosure controls, and the operational tools you need to book more loans.

  • Easy to learn and use: Designed to offer maximum flexibility using intelligent processing, automation, and easy access to customer data.
  • Comprehensive controls: Configurable modules allowing for custom workflow, underwriting, and call agent support.
  • Scalable, flexible, secure: Unlimited scalability with on-site or cloud delivery.

AppWorks is a modern loan origination platform that streamlines operations and delivers next generation features to book more loans and build more dreams.