Lending Reimagined

An end to end loan origination hub with a network of touchpoints across all channels.
Taking Out A Loan Can Be A Drag

Cumbersome, time consuming, and paper intensive, these are some of the terms people use when referring to the process of taking out a loan. If a customer already has an account at your bank, are you still forcing them to fill out long application forms with data you already have in your system? Are you frustrating them by forcing them to spend hours searching for documents and then having to fax them in? Is it any wonder why loan drop-off rates are high?

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Today’s loan customers are digital natives. They grew up with Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s time to reimagine the lending process.

Lending Reimagined

Imagine loan offers made to customers based on contextual information gathered from real-time sources. Think about a paperless loan system where a customer’s assets, tax statements, payroll receipts, bank statements and other documentation is collected and processed behind the scenes.

The key to lending reimagined is Continuous Engagement - a customer centric point of view, combined with smarter, leaner, automated loan origination technologies that make lending faster, easier, and better.

Lending solutions for the modern era
Make it Fast.
Make it Simple.
Make it Better.
Lending Made Fast

Entech delivers lending solutions that personalize loan products so customers don’t have to enter a lot of data. We automate data collection across internal databases and external sources to make single click, high-quality loans a reality. Our Continuous Engagement solutions deliver seamless user experiences and eliminate manual steps. This speeds up the entire loan origination life cycle.

Lending Made Easy

Making lending easy for customers’ means eliminating data entry and plugging into third party systems for credit history, tax information, and payroll data. Entech works with clients to create a Continuous Engagement loan origination hub, and tailored loan applications. We make it easy for customers, and in doing so, increase pull-through and help you book more loans.

Lending Made Better

Making lending better means Continuously Engaging and making it convenient for customers. It means automating and speeding up the entire lending process by reducing data entry and manual validation tasks. Entech lending solutions put in place the operational processes and technologies to increase efficiencies and lower costs. We’ll help you automate information collection, intelligently manage communications, and personalize loan product offers based on contextual awareness of exactly what the customer needs and can afford.

Entech is making lending faster, easier, and better. Contact one of our loan origination consultants today.