Who Are We?

Entech is a premier digital consultancy with a business-lead focus to realizing the full value of digital transformations by applying innovative technology solutions across the value chains of our clients.

Digital Convergence is a global marketplace and technology dynamic. It is the priming and enablement of underlying digital technologies, the internet, and features such as voice, texts, video, pictures, broadcasts, presentations, streaming media, global connectivity and personalized services; the combination of which enable individuals to interact, play, communicate, collaborate, buy, sell, and share information, products and services in new and different ways.

As a disruptive force, digital convergence is a threat to the unprepared, but a tremendous growth opportunity for companies that can master it by out-innovating and out-executing their ever-expanding list of competitors under dramatically new marketplace rules.

Our Strategy

Deliver high-touch, industry-focused, independent, and indispensable advice & solutions to business and IT managers.

Through expertise, experience, and thought leadership we deliver human centric-digital solutions so clients can take full advantage of digital convergence.


Entech matches the right talent for the job.  Innovators, technologists, and the leaders find us and work here because Entech is a meritocracy where people take responsibility for delivering client value and advancements are based on demonstrated abilities.


We have decades of experience with hundreds of completed projects for both SMBs and Global Fortune 500 corporations. We take a multidisciplinary, outside-in approach to designing innovative and transformative solutions for our clients that empower them to soar past their competitors.


24×7 access to executive management, program managers, team leads and consultants.  Everyone at Entech is focused on a human-centric, outside-in approach to both clients and the solutions we deliver.


Entech is technology agnostic. We select optimal solutions for our client’s business success. We challenge invisible orthodoxies and view technologies through a wide-angle lens, tracking trends, recombining assets, and determining how to upend the traditional and drive new business value.


Entech offers a full complement of digital engagement solutions across marketing, sales, commerce, and service as well as the supporting expertise and technology capabilities. We’re proud of our capability to view the world through our client’s perspectives—and those of their end customers—resulting in more flexible and tailored solutions.


Our company was built on a firmly human-centric foundation, and we use that same strong base to build custom teams and custom solutions. We partner with our clients to build lasting relationships.  We are large enough to deliver enterprise class solutions, yet still hand pick local talent that is precisely matched to our client’s needs.

  • We listen.
  • We understand.
  • We find the right people.
  • We are high quality, broad, stable, high-touch.
  • We are trusted.