Teams & Mentors

Customized, fully trained teams hit the ground running.

GradTech is an innovative team-based talent resourcing program. Instead of the old, dated, and inefficient method of one-off hiring, GradTech recruits, selects, trains, and deploys full-teams of talented young professionals from local universities. Teams are paired with a seasoned mentor and all come into your organization and hit-the-ground-running. Teams are available for both technical and business domains and we provide continuous management and oversight.

Fast Track Future Leaders

Infuse your organization with knowledge and energy with our hybrid accelerator for new business leadership.

Instantly create a team environment that will supercharge your initiatives and help you meet your diversity goals. Recruit, build, retain, and grow your future leaders, driving innovation and creating money-saving efficiencies at the same time. In addition, GradTech team members can be hired directly into your company with no conversion fee while we continuously replenished the team with new talent.

Do Good & Do Well

GradTech creates synergy by recruiting local talent, lowering costs, and providing social benefits.

GradTech improves lives and gives back to the local community at the same time. Young teams of local professionals with deep driving passions for their chosen careers will inject energy and know-how into your company. GradTech team members are highly motivated to build their careers, which speeds learning, and this passion drives innovation. These digital natives have a keen understanding of the latest technologies and tools and how to apply them to increase efficiency and reduce costs. If you’re looking to improve talent acquisition while simultaneously helping to launch careers, improve lives, and give back to the local community, GradTech is the solution for you.

Launch careers, improve lives, and give back to the community with GradTech.

When you invest in a partnership with a GradTech team, you’re investing in the future and the community by hiring talented new graduates.

How GradTech works

GradTech can provide teams for: Software Development, Quality Assurance, Testing, Technical Triage, Customer Support, Operations & Infrastructure, Project Management, Risk Management, Security & Compliance, Marketing, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Project Management, and more.

Select Local Talent

Our highly-experienced recruitment team partners with local universities and selects aspiring talent from these universities and their communities. Our talent selections are customized based on the type of team you need and the skillsets you require.

Custom Team Training

Unique training curriculums are developed specifically for your business need. The program specific GradTech team is paired with a seasoned mentor, typically a professional with 7-15 years’ experience. The team is then trained on specific technologies, tools, and business processes using hands-on projects, classroom lectures, and on-the-job activities so they can hit the ground running.

Ongoing Mentoring

GradTech training is continuous. The team mentor stays with the team providing ongoing mentoring and management oversight. Your skilled, custom-trained, and fully-managed team of talented resources will speed delivery of new products and services and provide a consistent source of creative energy and innovation.

Competitive Pricing

Instead of one-off hiring, training, and ramp-up costs, GradTech gives you entire teams of custom-trained local resources delivered at a very competitive price. In addition, GradTech team members can be hired directly into your company with no conversion fee.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the program.

​There's no fear with this team, they dive right in and try new things. ​I can't believe how quickly everyone has come up to speed. They are really doing well and contributing. We are expecting to find some of our future leaders from this group.

Tom Meadows, Dir. of Technology Strategy

The GradTech team hit the ground running. We are very pleased with how the program is going. Our GradTech people are supporting software architecture, development, QA, and testing.

Brian Conneen, Chief Information Officer
Marlette Funding