Deliver the type of shopping experience consumers demand.

Commerce Strategies and Architecture

Technology changes quickly and the planning horizon is short, but IT departments need roadmaps and solutions to keep the rest of the enterprise competitive. That’s where we come in.  Entech’s experienced consultants will help you design and lay out your strategy, architecture, and technology roadmap. We’ll help you select or modify solutions appropriately, and in the correct sequence, so you can make the most of your technology investments.

Personalization and Targeting Services

Mastering digital convergence means continuously improving interactions with customers and potential customers, regardless of the channel through which those customers buy. This is more important than ever in an all-digital realm where products and services are targeted and personalized for each customer. Entech works with retailers to help with accumulating data on customers (like location, browsing history, and gender, for example), analyzing that data to determine their preferences, and then serving relevant, personalized customer experiences based on that data.

Loyalty Innovation

Modern retail techniques demand that you foster loyal customers. Referrals, reviews, and social media approvals are the new sales drivers. Loyalty programs that deliver viral sales take work and planning, but it’s worth it. Increasing retention by just 5 percent can boost revenue by 25 to 95 percent. Entech will show you how to personalize customer experiences and create targeted loyalty programs that make consumers feel appreciated so they will gladly speak out on your behalf. It’s simply a smart business move.

Process Improvement

Entech specializes in process improvement, combining manual processes with automation where appropriate and streamlining those processes to reduce operating cost, improve process cycle times, improve time to market, and drive transactional moments that increase sales. We do this using technologies like API enablement so data is shared across platforms and business entities. We’ll show you how to integrate real-time customer behavior and RPA to drive new process flows and improve responsiveness to your customer and to the marketplace.