Many ways we can help:

Build new products or services

If you have an idea for a new software product or platform that you want to implement, but don’t have the skills or resources to get it done, we can help. Our highly qualified teams of software engineers can turn your vision into reality.

Add new features to an existing application

Great technology resources are hard to find, but without them, backlogs grow and clients get impatient.  Entech has talented developers that will build the features you need so you can reduce your backlog, get to market faster, and better serve your clients.

Customize for customers

If your focus is on your core software products, but your customers wants customizations, integrations, or added special features, Entech can help.  With knowledge and expertise from hundreds of custom software deliveries, we know how to deliver on-time and in-budget.

Rewrite an existing application with modern software tooling and techniques

Maintaining legacy applications is costly and time consuming.  One of Entech’s core competencies is rebuilding software application using modern, flexible, modular tools and technologies that can help you scale and futureproof your business.

Migrate to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud can make your software platform, product, or application more flexible, more resilient, more efficient, and more secure.  Cloud software is the new normal and Entech can get you there faster.

Go-To-Market implementation partner

If you have a software product, but lack integration and delivery resources to scale and meet customer demand, Entech teams of technology talent will learn your software inside and out and deliver your customized implementations so you can focus on sales and growth.