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Don’t Be Too Quick To Give Up On Tech

A common response to emerging technology is for bankers to test it. Yet the problem with testing technology is that it is just a test, a false implementation. A test is not designed for reality and it can lead to false results.

Banks Team with FinTechs to Bring AI to Commercial Accounting

With paper receipts and invoices still a key part of any business, accounts receivable and accounts payable is one area that hasn’t been lavished with digital innovation attention.

Chatbots to Save Banks $11 Billion in Costs by 2023

Share Bank of America has Erica, Capital One has Eno, Bank of Montreal has Bolt. Safe to say that most major banks are at least exploring the possibility of a virtual assistant, if they don’t already have one.

Frictionless Payments And Top Mobile Banking Innovation

Banks are turning to digital technology to enhance the customer experience — and reduce payment friction — in an effort to boost top and bottom lines.

How Digital Convergence Changed Consumers

The advent and evolution of social media changed both legacy technologies and the way consumers use them. The camera, previously used to simply snap pictures or record videos for personal use, has become the lifeblood of every major digital platform.