Create captivating buying experiences.

Anticipate need – personalize products – deliver seamlessly across every customer device – directly to a customer’s doorstep. This is the new world of commerce

At Entech, we develop best-in-class solutions to evolve your commerce model. Working with enterprise platforms and leveraging data integrations and smart automation, we create seamless omni-channel processes and tailor pivotal transaction moments to create captivating buying experiences.

Real world, real-time.

In today’s world, data rules. Digital commerce demands that data be accessible, integrated and analysed in real time.

How else can you predict customer needs and deliver personalized products at the speed of now? It’s not just the front-end of the transaction that’s important, back-office commerce systems need to be integrated with inventory control, operations, and logistics systems so friction across the buying cycle is reduced to zero. Entech builds commerce solutions focused on the real-time transactional moments that define your customer relationship and make or break sales.

Bring Commerce to Life.

Enterprises today suffer from commerce systems that lock away data and content needed to create lively, immersive buying experiences.

Entech understands how to design and build integrated commerce systems that fuel transactional sales moments, including advanced data analysis tools, recommendation engines, and cross sell services that provide consumers with added value and your organization with boosted revenues.

Don’t get behind on payments.

Payments innovations—from mobile, seamless interfaces to APIs to modern credit scoring—are enabling spontaneous, real-time offers, like Point-of-Sale (POS) credit and partner-driven distribution models that make purchasing, borrowing, and payments easier.

Entech enables seamless checkout and payment processes resulting in higher conversion rates and the frictionless consumer experiences that are essential to meeting consumer demands and staying relevant in the marketplace.