Next Generation Customer Care

Traditional call centers based on old school technologies are giving way to a new breed of dynamic cloud-based unified communications platforms.

These incorporate integrations with CRM systems, team collaboration services, telephony features, mobile applications, plus workforce management for integrated forecasting and scheduling. Entech designs and builds comprehensive communications platforms that facilitate simple, easy, and brand enhancing customer service experiences.

A smarter approach to holistic case management.

Tangled workflows and outdated processes make it difficult to provide the best service possible.

Entech solutions empower employees to work smarter. Our consultants will help you orchestrate human tasks and digital workflows concurrently to get everything moving in harmony. We eliminate data silos to provide a 360-degree perspective into the information your team needs to create the kind of seamless service experience customers will rave about.

Knowledge Management is Power

It’s to the point where it’s unwieldy, time consuming, and mentally draining to access the specific information you need at the point in time you need it.

Entech Knowledge Management practice builds and manages customer service portals that support contact / call centers, shared service centers, web self-service portals and help desks. Our engineers understand how to index a wide range of information resources and how to filter and prioritize it into the relevant knowledge customer service representatives need, when they need it.