Business-Led Analysis

A comprehensive understanding of business requirements leads to project success and optimal business outcomes.

Defining user stories drives the types of technologies you need, the software engineering required, the type of supporting infrastructure you need, and on and on. The articulation of requirements and defining the sprint cycles for development, testing, and user acceptance can determine the failure or success of your technology project. We’re experts at business analysis. Our teams have defined, scoped, managed, and deployed hundreds of projects. Let us help ensure your success.

Information Architecture

Data is the fuel upon which all things digital run.

Today, it’s the art and science of organizing data and labeling websites, intranets, online communities, and software to support usability and findability that bring the principles of design, architecture and information science to the digital landscape. Through the power of readily-extensible open architectures, Entech helps organizations deliver the transformative digital experience customers and partners expect.

Software Engineering

Entech's software engineering practice leverages the latest innovations and best practices to build applications and systems software products that are expertly matched to your business needs.

Our engineers will join or lead your team in delivering digital solutions on time, every time. Not only will we deliver the designs and code quality that give you a competitive advantage, but we’ll demonstrate and mentor your team in best practices of Agile/Scrum development, Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), DevSecOps, API and microservices development, and much more.

Emerging Technologies

The world of technology is constantly evolving, but you can trust Entech to be your experienced partner when it comes to emerging technologies.

We help leading companies implement IoT, AR, VR, and RPA solutions. At Entech, we see emerging technology solutions as innovation as a service, looking at what an organization can do differently and applying new thoughts, tools, and applications to streamline processes, reach clients in a more frictionless way, and perform business functions in more efficient and effective ways that add value and increase profits.

Cloud Services

Modernize your workloads on world-class cloud solutions that leverage the full benefits of cloud computing.

Entech consultants have experience working in hybrid and multi-cloud environments to create extensible, flexible computing infrastructure without vendor lock-in. Whether you’re new to cloud computing and need architecture, implementations or migration support, or need help with managed cloud services, Entech cloud solutions are secure-by-design to protect your data, applications, and your users.

Architecture & Strategy

We work with our clients to create technology roadmaps and envision new platforms that not only deliver the transformative digital experience customers expect, but also allow for new ways of partnering with an ecosystem of suppliers and consumers of technology services.

The power of these platforms lies in readily-extensible open architectures. Entech understands how data fuels digital capabilities, and how companies tackle this layer of new digital data architecture will largely determine who succeeds in the next wave of digital transformation. We leverage proven Enterprise Architecture techniques to drive sustainable innovations that provide high degrees of reuse, scalability and future-proof’s the solution.