Architecture and Strategy

Harness information and data.

Without well-designed information architectures that base activities on trusted data, the business value of your platforms and data can be lost. Entech can help you build your platform architecture and technology roadmap, linking key information entities to business capabilities and setting the stage for strategic enterprise-wide thinking.

  • Target Architecture Development
  • Application Portfolio Strategies
  • Business Case Development
  • Strategic IT Planning

Start with Clear Value

Entech understands that it’s usually best to start with projects where the value is clear, such as those related to data warehousing, business intelligence (BI), or master data management (MDM) efforts. Entech can help you with governance to bring both business and IT into alignment by helping you articulate information architecture benefits to key stakeholders in the organization.

Collective Understanding

Rather than creating yet another disconnected and redundant system for a limited audience, Entech’s focus on business access to information embodies a well-architected approach and will add to your enterprise’s collective understanding of systems and data.

Data Engineering

Gain access to the effective, tactical business intelligence you need to make the strongest business decisions through data engineering. We’ll help to uncover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns of data and apply them to fuel business insights. At Entech, we leverage proven analytics methodologies, best practices, and tools to define the right analytics and data solutions to drive growth.

  • Big Data and Analytics Consulting
  • Analytics Maturity Assessment
  • Advance Analytics
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Intelligence

Build regular interactions to manage change

Organizational vision requires establishing a formal network of business and IT SMEs that can do ongoing development, maintenance, and change management. Entech can provide expert guidance and build on your ability to convert ad hoc discussions into formal, regular change management processes.