Business Led Analysis

Human Centered Digital Technology

Time and people are finite resources that need to be harnessed efficiently and focused on what will deliver the greatest value to the business. This is especially true for software development, where you need to maximize resources both strategically and tactically. Within the design and development process, the people who will use the software being developed must be taken into account. It’s also critical to build with tools that maximize flexibility and select tool vendors that won’t lock you in to their technology.

It's all about developing faster, better, and smarter.

At Entech, we think of software productivity in terms of customers, the organization, and its business partners. Our agile development approach speeds delivery of high-quality software with exceptional usability. We balance analysis, design, and deployment for better, smarter ways to get work done.

Results matter.

Many times organizational or tactical issues mean software stays in development when it should be helping move the company forward. Speed and quality of delivery to achieve organizational goals and creating a culture rooted in a “results matter” philosophy is what we do at Entech.

Art of the Possible.

IT leaders today are not only stewards of the company’s technology and data tasks, but also consultants to the business at large. It’s the businesses with world-class implementation and processes that will rise to the top. At Entech, our goal of business-led analysis is to help move IT and software development from focusing on competent task completion to being a business driver for the entire organization.