Our cloud solutions include:

Cloud Architecture

Get a cloud architecture that’s tailor-made for your organization. Whether your needs require a private, public, or hybrid cloud platform, we’ll design and develop it for you. We’ll help you ensure you’re provisioning cloud services in the right increments based on the characteristics of your platforms and scaling expectations.

Cloud Refactoring Services

We’ll provide the complete support you need as your organization migrates from your existing platform to a cloud-based platform. Entech helps clients refactor legacy applications to operate in, and take full advantage of, modern cloud architectures.

Cloud Implementation

Our easy and seamless cloud implementations provide you and your end users with a consistent experience, automated service delivery, and standardized operations.

Managed Cloud Services

Managing your cloud platforms and services in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. Save time and eliminate the associated costs with a custom Entech solution for managed cloud services. We’ll manage your complete cloud infrastructure, including continuous DevOps and SysOps delivery and support.