Our recent innovation focus areas:

IoT - Internet of Things

With the emergence of smart sensors and connected devices, the Internet of Things has surpassed becoming “the next big thing” and has claimed its place as a key disruptive technology affecting nearly all enterprises today. Entech will help you design and build smart, connected, always-on operations that leverage IoT technologies to improve supply chain management, understand customer behavior and trends, cut down on manual processes, predict part failures before they occur, and create new value across your business.

AR/VR - Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

AR and VR are exploding, and Entech possesses years of experience to help you gain insight into and drive new opportunities that leverage these technology disruptors. We can show you how to use AR and VR for product visualization, to improve customer experiences, create virtual showrooms, or build virtual training applications that lay the groundwork for accelerated innovation and business growth.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

RPA jumpstarts an organization’s journey toward orchestrating work between humans, teams, systems, and robots. At Entech, we use business process management to orchestrate teams and systems to remove repetitive tasks, simplify end-to-end delivery of your products or services, and free up your employees from mundane tasks. We’ll help improve efficiency and redesign processes and experiences to help your business thrive.


5G, with ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency, and massive capacity, has the potential to change everything. With 5G technology, businesses will be able to create multiple virtual networks with just one physical system. This means an end-to-end virtual system encompassing not only networking but computing and storage functions as well.

Let Entech show you how 5G can:

Decongest your company’s crowded network;
Offer consumers a more seamless experience;
Increase overall systems, website, and mobile performance;
Accomodate more IoT devices;
Handling large data loads in real time; &
Improve data protection.