Information Architecture

Smart, simple, and scalable.

Your information architecture should be more than just intuitive, agile, and modular. It should also empower you to improve your business by integrating your platforms using data engineering to improve analysis capabilities, and provide visualizations and big-data insights never before possible. Entech specializes in the design and delivery of complex systems and services. Whether it’s a new website, a new platform, or integrating touchpoints for cloud and multi-channel services, we’ll work with you to seamlessly integrate your strategy with modern information architecture services and technologies.

Our solutions create clarity.

Entech employs a unique blend of enterprise architecture and integration expertise, along with a practical approach to business, information, application, and infrastructure architecture. This enables us to create a holistic view of your information assets, systems, data, and processes.

  • Identify and expose information assets;
  • Break down silos;
  • Find ways to reduce complexity; &
  • Define the systems, tools, and processes required to achieve company goals.

Data Visualization

Capture data relationships and communicate them clearly.

In our digitally converged world, data drives everything. Showing connections within the data that are too complex to explain with words and making it easier for the audience to quickly understand it is what drives business success. Data visualization often conjures thoughts of business intelligence with button-down analysts, but it’s a lot more creative and colorful than you might think. At Entech, we use maps, stories, plans, prototypes, wire-frames, taxonomies, blueprints, and functional requirements to make the complex clear and maximize the value of your data.

Analytics and Insights

Experience empowerment and better business decisions.

With innovative technologies and big data services, our highly-skilled technologists and proven implementation strategies simplify data analytics, enabling all users to access, generate, and use data smartly. Break through bottlenecks to identify meaningful data patterns and make better, more insightful business decisions.

Hybrid Data Management

Structure, consolidate, and manage your information.

Entech’s HDM approach will scale with your organization’s needs, and deliver increased agility to enable innovation, improve forecasting accuracy, increase predictability, detect new behavior patterns, and deliver information insights.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage historical and real-time data to uncover insights and predict future events.

We can help you with targeting online advertisements, analyzing customer behavior for buying patterns, flagging potentially fraudulent financial transactions, and detecting impending parts failures in industrial equipment before they occur.

Data Policy & Governance

Compliance, management, and security for data assets.

Entech makes data governance and compliance a seamless part of the way you work. We’ll ensure the rules, policies, and decision rights, as well as the right controls for security and accountability, are in place to guarantee your data is a trustworthy asset.